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Monsoon season is just here guys. And there’s this notion attached to it that skincare and moisturizing isn’t necessary in monsoon. But the myths couldn’t be any more wrong. When monsoon comes, with it comes humidity and sweat and dirt altogether. Monsoon makes your skin look dull and dark. Because of the rapid changes in the weather during monsoon – sometimes hot, sometimes rainy, our skin fails to adapt to the environment at these sudden changes and hence, I will tell you about what you exactly need in this monsoon to keep your skin fresh and alive. Guys, always remember that the humidity can literally be a nightmare to the oily skin more than ever. There will always be this basic skin care Regime – cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But this monsoon we bring to you an upgraded home remedies version to go more natural. Let’s go.

Some Quick Basic Skin Care Tips For Comfortable And Breathable Monsoon -:

1. Don’t ever mistake that the cloudy weather and the cold breeze can protect you from the sun. We generally think when we look out of our window that, wow, it’s not sunny out. And with it we ignore the need to cover our face with sunscreen. But no matter how cloudy or rainy the whole weather is the sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate through them. And hence, a gel based sunscreen will act as a mighty saviour for you.

2. The humidity in the monsoon season can be very harmful for your skin. This humid weather forms a layer of sweat and dirt on your skin. Hence, make sure that when it’s monsoon you wash your face atleast 2-3 times a day without fail. It doesn’t need to always be with soap or facewash. Our old plain water would work wonders too, provided you splash them on your face on intervals.

3. Next comes your makeup routine. I know guys that we try to cover our face with all sorts of compact powder to avoid the sweat. But that is where we go wrong. When you put too much makeup on your skin, the pores don’t get enough oxygen to breathe. In return which causes breakout and pimples and acne to appear on your skin. So please avoid as much make up as you can, especially when it’s monsoon.

4. Wear breathable fabrics in monsoon. Use cotton clothes as much as you possibly can. And don’t forget to slide airy sandals on your feet. When you wear something like a tight knitted shoes, the sweat and sometimes the rain water give way to fungal infections. And trust me you wouldn’t like to face those. Hence, wear slippers and sliders and anything airy that helps you feet to breathe properly.

5. Last but not the least, I am going to suggest you one home made face pack which you can use daily. Kudos guys. You can use this face pack daily before going to sleep and it is nothing sort of a wonder. Take some gram flour (besan), Fuller’s earth (multani mitti), turmeric powder (haldi), red lentil powder (masoor ki dal) and mix them together. You can store all the mixed ingredients in an airtight container and use for months. Just before using, take two spoons of the readied powder and mix it with some curd (dahi). Trust me, your skin will glow beautifully.

Cleansing, Toning And Moisturizing In Monsoon -:

The face pack that has been mentioned above can be very well used as a cleanser too. Or you can simply use a light face wash and gently exfoliating your skin for atleast sixty seconds. But make sure you do use a very mild cleanser. Sometimes, the market products do us more harm than good.

Toning allows your pores to breathe and cool down with its watery effect. But make sure you use an alcohol free toner. It can be Himalayas toner, rose water or any better product that suit you. But remember, when it’s monsoon, you do less makeup and more skin care.

And lastly, moisturizing. Well, half the population thinks that because we sweat so much during monsoon season, moisturizing your skin is pointless. But it’s quite the opposite. So always carry your aloevera gel, tea tree oil, coconut oil to moisture your skin.

Happy Monsoon Folks !

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