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How To Choose Perfect Foundation For Yourself

With so many make up products out there for your eyes, your lips, your cheeks, we understand that it can get confusing. And choosing a perfect shade of foundation can be entirely too frustrating sometimes. There are so many of us out there who doesn’t even know that they are using the wrong shades for themselves. You might be thinking that why choosing a correct foundation can be so important. I will tell you why? Choosing a correct foundation for yourself is very important because a foundation acts as a base for your further makeup routine.

Sure, you can apply any foundation you deem fit, but If it doesn’t match with the shade of your skin, the whole look of your makeup can seem very weird. But on the other hand, a perfect foundation provides a flawless base to your makeup regime and make you look stunning in all your glory.

There are not one or two foundation shades. They are a hundred of them with other hundred of brands and companies tailing. Foundation for dry skin, for oily skin, for normal skin, powder foundation, matt foundation. So many variants to choose from. Here are the tips about how you can choose your perfect foundation!

  • Do Not Ever Forget About Your Undertones -: A lot of us stay confused about what our undertone is and the other half stay confused about what exactly is the term ‘undertone’. No matter what your complexion is it how much your complexion changes, always keep in mind that your undertone stays the same. Even when you get a tan or your face brightens the undertone stays the same. Some people have a golden or yellowish look to their face, they are called warm undertones. Some of us have slightly pinkish or subtle look that’s called cool undertone. And the neutral undertone is just the mix of both the undertones. So before trying out different shades of the foundation always make sure to know about your undertone.

  • What Is Your Skin Type? -: Everything that you use or apply on your face should be in balance of your skin type. You should always be about your skin type. If you have oily skin, then look out for a foundation that gives your skin a matt finish and helps you to control the oil production in your skin. And if you have dry skin, then a hydrating foundation that doesn’t look too greasy is what you will need. But no matter what shade or what complexion of your skin, always try to keep in mind the type of your skin.

  • Look Out For How Much Area You Want To Cover -: Not all the foundation are suitable for all the coverage. It depends on how much and what all parts do you want to cover with the foundation. If you are looking for something to just blend and even out your complexion then choose a lightweight sheer foundation that blends in easily and gives you a natural look. But if you want to cover all the areas and your pigmentation and scars and everything then go for the similar product that will be of your desire effect.

  • Patient Decision Is The Right Decision -: We have always heard, patience is the key. Because it is. And in case for choosing a foundation, this is very true. Because what happens is that, whenever you apply a foundation on your skin, it takes at least five to ten minutes for the foundation to oxidize from the heat that your skin releases. And after it settles in perfectly, it might change into a darker shade. So before taking a decision at the store, wait for at least five minutes to see how it is suiting on your skin.

  • Always Try and Buy -: Try and Buy is the best policy for anyone to decide if they want to take product home or not. Foundation is the one thing you should directly apply to to your face to find the correct shade. If you get confuse in two shades of different undertone, Try both the shades on each side of your face and let them sit for five minutes, and check what suits you best. Try different brands and different ranges that compliments your skin.


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