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Moisturizers guide for dry skin

We’ve tried many moisturizers, based upon some common skin types here are some of our favorites moisturizers which are budget friendly and really suitable for most of the skin type. Our skin is made up of 3 layers Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous fat layer (hypodermis) . moisturizers supply moisture to the middle layer of the skin which is called dermis. It help the skin cells to get nourished by making it hydrated from within and helps to make the blemishes and spots fade away which eventually makes the skin look younger and fresh.

Common benefits from moisturizers : · It can reduce the appearance of blemishes on the skin · It can help the skin to look younger and healthier · It makes the skin hydrated and look fresh · It can help the skin to fight wrinkles · Helps to restore dullness and dry skin

Some of our picks for super dry skin type

AQUASOFT MOISTURIZER (available at amazon, click to review)

RE'EQUIL MOISTURIZER (available at re'equil's website, click to review)

NOURISH OAT MOISTURIZING CREAM (available at amazon, click to review)

KAMA AYURVEDA ELADI HYDRATING CREAM (available at kama ayurveda's main website, click to review)

MOISAWAVE MOISTURIZING CREAM (available at amazon, click to review)


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