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Secrets To Getting Healthy Skin And Body

Having hectic life schedules and busy work deadlines, somewhere we are all missing the part of who we are and how we were. A lot of times we think that there is something extra that our body and skin needs. Something more that will keep us fit and glowing even when we are rushing around all day. But mostly we forget to remind ourselves that there are some habits in ourselves that we need to change. Sometimes we indulge in so many things that are wrong while we are busy that we don’t even recognize it ourselves. So today, we will talk about all those secrets that are right in front of us and somehow we still fail to follow them, and keep thinking that our body needs something better. Yes! your body does need something better, but it is easier to give than you thought. Let’s go!

Eat Veggies According To Colors -: This may sound a little weird to you but it’s experimented that the colors of your food also matters when it comes to being healthy. Try to eat Veggies of all colors.

Carrots for red, broccoli for green, cauliflower for white, tomatoes for its juicy content, onion for better heart, garlic for eyes and brain. Try to eat as many vegetables as you can with different varieties. Sauté it, bake it, cook it with all the other ingredients.

Do Not Apply Soap On Your Face -: A lot of us think that if we can apply face wash on our face then we can also apply soap. But you forget that our face is far more sensitive and has thinner skin from the rest of our bodies. And hence, using soap on our face can make our skin dry and cause breakouts. Breakouts will then lead to irritation and pimples and acne.

Exercise -: Release your sweat guys !

When you work out or do yoga or any form of exercise it doesn’t just keep your body fit and healthy but it also releases a lot of sweat as we all know. And the releasing of sweat causes your pores to also release all the dirt and oil build up. Exercising keeps your body healthy and your skin glowing, allowing you to have a perfect body stature.

Sunscreen Will Forever Be A Must -: There’s no other thing that can harm your skin more than the harmful UV rays of the sun. Yes, the sun is good for our skin, provided we still take precautions to be under it and spend how much time out there. But either way, sunscreen will always be a must. Be it winter or summer, make sure your face and exposed body areas are covered with sunscreen lotion to decrease the effects of the rays.

Too Much Fried Food Is Equals To Too Much Breakouts -: Fried foods and snacks can taste literally the best. Yes, we understand. But with it comes a lot of problems if you don’t control your portions. Eating fried snacks is not harmful but you have to keep it in mind that control is necessary. Eat it because it’s tasty, not because it is supposed to fill up your stomach. Too much oily and fried food will gradually cause breakouts and pimples on your skin. So eat everything you want but keep track of how much you are.

Quick Tips For Maintaining Healthy Skin -:

Drink as much water as you can.
Wash your face with cold or lukewarm water twice a day.
Get plenty or at least seven hours of sleep.
Don’t over smoke or consume Alcohol
Try to cut back on sugary drinks and salty snacks.

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