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Signs It’s Time for You To Ask For A Therapist

We live a very fast forward life. Everything is insta and the lines are so blurry that we sometimes forget what we actually want and start playing along the “go with the flow” thing. And I know that, for some people it’s working and I totally get it, but most of the time playing along leads to blurry boundaries also. And that’s where problem begins.

Every one of us has lived a life that is quite problematic to deal with. But sometimes there are things that get so overwhelming and exhausting to deal with that you start to question your own sanity and doubt your own potentials. Events that are traumatic or make you feel too stressed can most likely act as a trigger and effect your mental health.

Its true that we deal so many things in our day-to-day life that we often think that we can sought this mental pressure and it will vanish with the passage of time. But trust me guys, it doesn’t just go away. Somewhere in your memory it keeps getting stored and someday it just burst out. We need to take care of our mental health by doing things which makes us feel peace and light.

But if you have tried to solve things on your own but still feel like standing on the edge, feeling to drained out and you are facing troubles handling your own life then, it may be time for you to think about seeing a therapist. There are so many signs, your body tells you that something is not right and you have to see for yourself. So read further to know and notice some signs that will let you know that maybe you should consult a therapist as soon as possible.

  • It’s Hard For You To Do Your Daily Chores -: It’s true when people say that health is your biggest wealth. But one more important thing we neglect about our health is our mental health. Are you feeling too tired even when you slept for hours on end? It’s too overwhelming to get out of the bed? Even if you are feeling that life’s simple activities are getting too much for you because something is just not right. It’s time you extend a hand of help.

  • You Become Uncomfortable at The Thought of Facing People -: When your mind is unstable and things are starting to seem bleak every single day even more, somewhere the thought of facing other people start to make you feel uncomfortable. You prefer to stay back home even when given the choice of joining a party. And it’s not a feeling of not wanting to get ready, it’s the anxiousness of facing and meeting other people or a big crowd.

  • You Start Hating or Disliking The Hobbies You Used To Love -: One of the biggest setback any of the mental illness causes is the withdrawal symptom. You start disliking any hobby or work you used to love before. You loved reading books. That might not be the case anymore. You loved to draw? Now it just makes you panic unnecessary. Try to always look for the sign. If you are slowly withdrawing from all the things that you loved, it’s time, you extend a helping hand to yourself.

  • You Can Totally Feel That You Are Not Sleeping or Easting Like Before -: Another drawback is that your sleeping and eating patterns get disrupted in a very bad condition. Either you start finding comfort in your food or you simply do not get an appetite for anything even if that food was your favorite. And on the other hand, comes the trouble of sleeping. Again, either you are sleeping too much or just not enough. Or even when you sleep, it’s never a peaceful sleep.

  • You Have Faced Something Traumatizing Recently -: A lot of things can be called as traumatic. Losing a loved one. Getting in an accident. Facing rejection. An unwanted pregnancy. Anything that doesn’t suit you well can be called a trauma. We think many a times that we will be okay. But the truth is it’s better if we take help and talk about it. Pushing everything down and inside can be a very harmful addiction that you are going to get yourself into.

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