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YOGA for Healthy body


The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj. Yoga helps in bringing the complete balance between mind and body and helps me to understand within myself better. Yoga can help you to maintain your mental peace and happiness if you practice it regularly. I've always known that I am not a person who can continue gym exercise for very long, I was always diverted towards the yoga as it helps me to connect myself from within.


Yoga helps me to keep myself active throughout the day by increasing the flexibility of the body, strengthening of muscles, and helps in relaxation and calming down myself. It helps me to understand, appreciate and love my body and accept it as it is. Yoga is not about having abs or flat tummy, it is about being healthy and fit from within, from body to mind.

It does not matter what size you are until you are healthy.


I do yoga for one hour a day minimum and it keeps me feel good and active throughout the day it helps to increase the body strength and it is a wonderful treatment option to keep you in good mood as it controls over hypertension and helps in cognition. Whenever I feel low I try to meditate for at least 10 to 15 min doing all the breathing exercise. It just brings me the peace and the feeling of satisfaction which helps me think clearly what I have to do next.

I know that sometimes its impossible to be happy all the time, there are moments when you feel low and don't want to do anything and its completely fine to feel that way sometimes. But if there are some constant thoughts about unhappiness then you should definitely try these exercises once. (click here)


I know watching these poses makes you think that this is really difficult but trust me practicing little by little and day by day, you can achieve a lot in limited time and can change your lifestyle. Just within the minimum necessary items one could practice yoga wherever and wherever you are. Just be constant. Start from 30 min a day, and 4 days a week. If you are lacking motivation, start from just stretching your body. You will get to know what part of your body needs help and you can work on it.


We all know that yoga is beneficial for your body and mind. Some of the main benefits are : 1. Increases flexibility (exercises to increase flexibility) 2. Increases body strength (exercises to increase body strength) 3. Increases blood circulation (exercises for blood circulation) 4. Cures indigestion (exercises to cure indigestion) 5. Calms mind 6. Reduce hypertension and anxiety etc. (breathing exercises)

There are so many benefit that even I am still learning . Every time I do new aasana , I get to know so many things about my body. So it depends on what exactly is your motive to choose on the kind of yoga that would best suit you. Trust me, once you get started it's never going back.

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