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Tips To Avoid Premature Ageing And Anti-aging In General

We are living a life plagued with responsibilities, work deadlines, exam preparation, and relationships issues. Life is not really easy and stress-free for a single one of us. We usually think that our stress and our mental problems are restrained up to our brains only. But we couldn’t be more wrong. When we are under a lot of pressure and stress and it goes on for a long time, you will start seeing its effects on your skin, especially your face because it’s that sensitive. And stress is one of the biggest reasons for your skin to age prematurely. So let’s go through the tips that will help you to avoid premature aging and anti-aging in general.

Always Be Gentle With Your Face -: We have already talked about how thin and sensitive our face is and when you scrub it off by rubbing it hard, it creates irritation in your pores and destroys the elasticity of your skin. Continuity of using a hard scrub on your face will soon leave it dry and make your pores open.

Wear Sunscreen Whenever Under The Sun -: Sun can do more harm than good to our skin. Sun rays can damage all the layers of the skin to an extent, where it cannot go back. So, sunscreen is most important to reduce the damage from the sun. Applying sunscreen twice a day can benefit alot in the long run.

Reduce The Level Of Alcohol Consumption -: Well, obviously guys. Wine is the only drink that makes your skin reddish and glows. But that’s that. Alcohol is bad for your body, you know that. But do you know it also makes you look older? Alcohol allows your skin to start aging fast and dulls your complexion.

A Big No To Smoking -: Alcohol, at the end of the day can still be consumed in little amounts, once in a while. But there’s no chance you should even touch a cigarette. Smoking affects your lips the most and makes them darker and dries them out completely. It will age your skin rapidly, you will be shocked at the changes when you will finally notice it happening.

Protect Yourself From Excess Tanning -: While we all think and feel that tanned skin looks sexy on us, deep within it does nothing but actually weakens our skin. And if you continue to get your skin tanned on and off regularly, soon your face won’t be able to reduce the tanning and make the whole look weird. So once in a while tanning is good, looks crisp even, but it will be better if it stays once in a while routine only.

Weekly Exfoliation Is A Must -: Oil build-up, dirt debris, environmental pollutants, it all sticks on your face and settles inside your pores. If not exfoliated on a weekly basis, these build-ups can make your pores bigger, introduce blackheads on your skin and make your all-over complexion look very dull. So always keep in mind clear skin from the outer and clear skin from the inside, which makes the trick just perfect.


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