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Dot & Key Skin Peeling Combo (review)

I’ve heard so much about the brand, dot & key, so I wanted to try it for myself. As my skin is dry, I get acne spots very easily. And we all know how much time they take to vanish. So, I bought a skin peeling combo which contains a grape face toner, a face serum, an exfoliating sleeping mask and a clay mask and I got two mini products as free samples which were again a sleep mask and a clay mask. One thing that I loved about these products is the packaging. It looks very cute and colorful. I bought them to try it on the acne spots I get. so, we’ll talk about each product and how it felt on my skin.

Dot & Key AHA Exfoliating Sleeping Mask

It is a very hydrating face mask that works overnight to help your skin to look super fresh and stress free in the mornings.

It has gel base and a minimum amount is enough for the whole face, as it spreads on the face very easily. We all know how important is to keep your skin and body hydrated and the benefits are great. If you don't, click here.

It helps to reverse the damaging effects of UV, pollution and smoke on skin. It has an Anti-oxidant concentrated formula that sinks into the skin to work from within. Also, it’s fragrance is really pleasing which relaxes the skin. I loved the texture of this product that how it sits on my skin and make it very hydrating.

Dot & Key AHA Toner

I wanted to try this toner because its alcohol-free glycolic acid face toner cum face mist which Improves the texture of the skin, making it look fresh. It’s an exfoliating toner so, sometimes it felt like little burning sensation on my skin as my skin is very dry. Toners are used to make skin look tighter & healthier. It’s like any other toner but the with the very good fragrance.

Dot & Key Hydro Peel Glow Potion (Exfoliating Serum)

I wanted to try this particular product because it has worked for my friend. It is an exfoliating serum concentrated with glycolic acid and lactic acids (AHA) & Salicylic Acid (BHA) which are good for removing spots through peeling. So basically, it Peel away the outer layer of your skin to reveal new, younger looking glowing skin. It also helps to remove the dead cells from the skin. It Contains fruit acids and smells really nice. It feels itchy when you apply it because of the acids but you can feel it working. It definitely has helped me for the acne spots.

Dot & Key Illuminating Glow Detan Clay Polish mask

Clay masks have potential to absorb all the oil from the skin and can prevent mild form of acne. It removes all the dust and dirt from the pores of the skin and so many other benefits. This product (detan clay polish) promotes radiant skin by removing the tan from the face. It has Sandalwood and lemon verbena that effectively remove stubborn tan. It gives you visibly brighter skin after the very first application. You can use this product once or twice a weak depending on your skin type.

So basically, all the products were kind of worth buying as it has worked on my skin. I definitely love the serum and the sleeping mask. All the products smell really nice and fruity. Also, these products are not for the long-term use. Once you have the visible results you can then choose accordingly that which product works best for you. Skin care routine is very important for a healthy skin. So you should definitely try these products.


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