This generation is in some different world. I don't know that why people think messy is good or attracts attention . Its not. Its sad, its depressive, its difficult and it ruins. We are not messy people. Sometimes we just cannot control our actions ,actions which involve lust and feelings and which are just momentous, not real but that doesn't makes us messy.

In life, If everyone takes responsibility of their action there is no mess. We cannot call our self messy in the name of things we do for our enjoyment . We have to understand that our actions makes someone else life miserable sometimes.

Sometimes We not only make choices for our lives but someone else's also, but that is not our right. Is it? We have to take responsibility of our actions, it might hurts someone and in the long run, even ourselves.

I am not saying to not look after yourself. But if its out of greed or attention, whatever you're starting, it will end soon. And it will ruin things before you even imagine it.

People think its easy to make new bonds and leave the older ones, BUT IS IT REALLY ABOUT THAT!?

I think if the connection is true we wont feel like ending the bonds. If it's true, it will strengthen all the previous bonds. If its true, you don't have to hide. if its true, you don't lie, if its true, you don't have to pretend. if its true you'll glow and you'll grow.

let me know in the comment section below if you've ever thought the same about it.