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A Fresh Start from pandemic

Hey everyone ,

We all know that this pandemic was very hard for everyone . people lost their loved ones . It was hard for me too as my whole family was covid positive and it had the worse effect on my father. I know people are afraid and feel locked in their own house, I felt the same too but lets focus on the positive sides.

After the first lockdown was over I was so happy and I got the chance to fly to goa and enjoy the break.

As my whole trip was sponsored by my sister , I think it was the best gift she has ever given to me. From my tickets to hotel and food , she had planned everything for me. I went on this trip with my sisters friend , so I didn't know all of them but I enjoyed a lot.

So when the plain landed in goa, I was super excited and happy to explore this beautiful place as I love to visit new places.

Though the climate was hot in Goa also, the trip was really a mind refresher. We were able to relax in the beach during the evenings. The waves moving up and down gave us peace of mind and the beach time gave me chance to realize the small things that makes us happy without any hindrance after a long time. Goa is definitely one of the best places one should visit at least once in a lifetime.

Everything was just perfect and so colorful . We rented the scooties and bikes to to go from one place to another , we visited night clubs and dance all night , i didn't consume alcohol (shocking for me too) but still my trip was so memorable .

People who still haven't visited Goa , I will suggest you to visit more beach in north rather than south because they are very less crowded and probably you will enjoy more .

I took a lot of pictures and totally taking all the feeling of being an influencer . That's what Goa is about " chill, eat, dance, drink and pics".

First two days, we just explored all the beaches in the north and chill at the beaches . On our third day , a very funny incident happen to us . So we checked out from our hotel (okean de goa) and were heading towards the south , but nobody from the group had booked another hotel . so we checked out and was exploring the streets but then we all remembered that we should actually book the hotel first then do the exploring part. At this moment , we all were searching the nearby hotels but not even a single room was available . we all were panicking because of the ultimate heat. It was making us all just angry. After all the searching and exploring we didn't find any hotel , so we then just had our lunch and got back to the same hotel we checked out . It was a fun day. lol.

Then we visited the night life and danced all night , although I didn't enjoy that much because I returned early , but it was really fun. At our last day we visited the famous Baga beach and did almost every sport we can . It was a very different experience for me , as I love to do adventurous things , I also jumped into the middle of the sea without knowing how to swim. It was the best thing in my whole trip and would probably will visit again sometime to enjoy all the other things which we didn't get the chance .


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