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Hello everybody,

I know staying in for a long time can make you feel stressed and so it can to your skin. Especially in summers, with all those sweat , our skin is more likely to get a zit or a pimple. And we all know the what spots they can leave behind! As there is plenty of time , we can actually take care of our skins the best way possible.

Here are the few things which I do to make my skin look fresh and good.

1. MOISTURIZER : we all know how imp is it to moisturize our skin . we all se posts and videos of benefits of that everyday .

So I will talk here about Clinique moisture surge which I recently bought over a month ago. Its little expensive but trust me its worth the money. As I have a combination of dry skin, it is really imp for me to moisturize.

It is a gel based moisturizer , so it doesn’t feel sticky after applying and the texture is so good that you can actually use it as a primer too. Its oil free, Fragrance Free and Without Parabens . I will say it a must try product.

2.SUNSCREEN : summer without a sunscreen? Are you even kidding me? Sunscreen is the one thing you have to put on your face twice a day whether you go out or stay in the house. And trust me it works .

lots of people just skip this because they don’t know the benefits. if you go to a dermatologist, it is the first thing they will recommend you – a good sunscreen . I use neutrogena sunscreen because it suits my skin and give it a moisturized look and I love the cream based texture of it. know your skin type and buy yourself one as soon as you can .

3. FACEMASKS : This one is actually a option .

If your skin is feeling dry and dull ,definitely go for it because it gives the instant result. But if your skin feels normal or good there is no need to apply things unnecessary on the face . Too many things can result bad . Facemask give you instant moisturizer and make the skin look fresh.

As my skin feels dry sometimes , I have stock up these masks. I use them twice or thrice a month depending on my skin. I order the facemasks from nykaa . They have different discounts going on these masks .

4. FACE OILS : I am not a fan of face oils , but there is one face oil which I am in love with. Its 100% natural and it works. Its kama-ayurveda-nalpamaradi-thailam-skin-brightening-treatment . It has a little tint because it has turmeric mixed in the oil, which helps the skin to get clear and spotless . It also helps to remove the tan of the body . It does have a little strong fragrance which I don’t like much , but this oil has really

helped my spots to get reduced . I apply it at night for almost an hour then wash it I am using this oil from more than a year and it is the best product I've bought.

I've bought it from nykaa , and if you are using face oils , please get your hands on this one. You will not regret.

5. NATURAL REMEDIES : last not the least, as we all know natural remedies are the best and as we have plenty of time, we can definitely mask our face at least twice a week with these amazing natural remedies. Here are the few natural remedies you can try .

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